I think teaching can be a way to address the vast social and economic injustice inherent in our country’s structures.”

Katie’s Story

Katie Waddle fell in love with mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. Upon earning her degree in the subject, she sought ways to continue discussing and thinking about mathematics.  “Teaching seemed like the best way to continue talking about math while making a difference in the lives of others.” With this realization, she headed west to make her dream a reality and earn a teaching degree.

While learning the ropes as a student teacher at a public school in San Francisco, Katie found the experience to be “mind-blowing, inspiring and personally challenging.”  She also came to terms with the power and the responsibility teachers have to impact others. “Unlike other professions, the decisions I make every day will have far-reaching consequences on many lives.”

A graduate of St. Paul Central High School, the Minnesota native is the recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship.  As she enters the teaching profession, Katie will also rely on her KSTF Fellowship and the “like-minded colleagues who are thinking about and working on the same things.”