Students, our future leaders, are with their teachers for a large portion of their day. They are largely influenced by their teachers, so it stands to reason that teachers should have a strong voice in society.”

Carly’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Integrated Environmental Science and Marine Science

Why Science

“After completing my master’s program in a land conservation and management field, the importance of familiarizing students with the natural world around them became overwhelmingly clear.”

Volunteer Experience

Among other volunteer experiences, Carly volunteered through AmeriCorps as a citizen science coordinator that brought native plant and ecosystem restoration curriculum to multiple classrooms in Oregon. She also volunteered through the Peace Corps, where she taught high school biology, physics, chemistry, agriculture and life skills in Kenya for two years.

Professional Experience

Before teaching, Carly worked in multiple university labs, testing out the life of a researcher. As part of her master’s program, she interned with The Nature Conservancy, located in North Conway, New Hampshire. During her internship, she evaluated the impact of prescribed fires on insects. Additionally, Carly taught in a variety of informal settings, including abroad, before she started teaching high school science in Vermont in 2014. Carly is particularly passionate about trying to teach climate change in a way that grounds students in the science behind climate change and encourages them to take action. At her core, Carly firmly believes that every one of her students can DO science. This belief drives her to create and refine tasks, and informs each of her classroom practices.


Carly is passionate about spending time outdoors and being active. When she isn’t teaching, she tries to make outdoor adventures a priority; usually, this means running up and down mountains with her pup. Now some of those adventures are a little slower, and shared with two pairs of little kid feet.

Academic Background

  • Champlain College Teacher Apprenticeship Program (Teacher Certification Program)
  • University of Vermont (Master of Science in the Field Naturalist Program; Plant Biology and Bachelor of Science in Biology)

Knowles Academy Courses Taught

Designing Lesson Sequences to Increase Student Engagement in Science Practices
Exploring a Phenomenon Through the Practices of Science