The work of being a teacher has evolved rapidly—from being disseminators of information to crucial filters of the same. In a world where most people have widespread access to information at their fingertips, it is exciting to point students in the right direction and let them explore. This challenge, along with a desire to identify the specific needs of all students at any given time, fuels my passion for teaching.”

Adam’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Why Science

“Understanding science is crucial to becoming a well-rounded critic and judge of the world around us. It encourages us to gain insight into the various other lenses through which this world can be perceived.”

Professional Experience

In 2014, Adam began teaching at a brand new charter school in San Diego. For the next six years, he helped develop a blended-learning model while teaching chemistry, physics, and biology. As a member of the 2015 Knowles Cohort of Teaching Fellows, Adam embedded his inquiry work over the course of five years into departmental and staff projects at his school. His inquiry focused on identifying the factors outside of the classroom that affect students’ opportunities to learn in it. By introducing his colleagues to the inquiry process, teachers at a relatively new school were able to gain valuable insight about the lives of their students; these learnings were consistently revisited and used to improve students’ opportunities to learn. 


Adam enjoys watching and playing sports, traveling, playing video games and spending time with family. Nothing, however, tops sharing moments with ‘Hermosa.’

Academic Background

  • University of California, San Diego (Master of Education in Secondary Science)
  • University of California, San Diego (Bachelor of Science in Biology)