I know—both from watching my mother when I was growing up, and from experiencing teaching myself—that it is an incredibly challenging profession. I have seen so many teachers rise to that challenge, fueled by their desire to do well by their students.”

Alyssa’s Story

Through tutoring, babysitting and observing her mother, Alyssa began exploring the practice of teaching at an early age. As a senior in high school, she was chosen to teach a class at her synagogue. She fell in love with teaching while working in this role.

Alyssa has volunteered with Breakthrough Collaborative, a national non-profit aimed at preparing underserved youth for higher education, for two summers. The program allowed her to teach physical science and dance to eighth grade students, and biology to ninth grade students. These experiences deepened her love for teaching. She especially enjoyed challenging herself to design interactive and engaging lessons.

She credits outstanding high school science teachers for fostering her affinity for the subject, particularly the problem solving and discovery aspects of the discipline. Becoming a science teacher, preferably in an urban district in her home state of Connecticut, will allow Alyssa to pursue her two areas of interest simultaneously.

Her hobbies include hiking, reading, swimming, cooking, and trying out new foods and activities.